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Observe and Report is an AUDIO DRAMA, also known as an audio play. It’s like an audio book, but there’s music and sound effects, no boring narrator, and all the characters have their own voice actor. It’s like a movie that you listen to! Observe and Report will run for several seasons (we’ve written three so far!). Each season will be 6 episodes long for a total of about 2.5 hours in length.


Everyone! Our story will be relatively clean for the whole family to enjoy, although it will feature action violence that you might consider PG-13. It will also deal with some complex moral greys, like betrayal, family secrets, forgiveness, and conspiracy. Our goal is to create something that teens and adults will enjoy and connect with, while at the same time being mostly safe to listen to with kids in the backseat.


Observe and Report is COMPLETELY FREE for everyone to listen to. You can listen to it on your smart phone, tablet, or computer, on multiple platforms. Just scroll down and click "Listen Now"!

Observe and Report accepts donations which go toward overhead costs and paying our cast. Upon request, all donors may receive MP3 downloads of the show.


Well we don’t want to spoil it for you, but here’s what we’re willing to say at this point in time. The story is a Sci-Fi Suspense Thriller. The main character, Zuri, is from planet Alethia, an advanced alien empire. Her mission is to spy on Earth and gather information, until one day she accidentally commandeers an away shuttle and crash-lands it in a field just north of Las Angeles. With her faithful sidekick (Mira) and a human friend they make along the way (Alan), they have to work against a top secret Alien-hunting team led by a former Delta Force Operator, Special Agent Sharp, to fix their shuttle and get back to orbit before Alethian Space Corp discovers that she went to Earth’s surface.

It’s a story packed with action, humor, suspense, and high stakes, and we’re sure it’s a story everyone will love!

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